Contact Me/F.A.Q.

Looking to inquire about usage of my photos in your project? Here are a few quick answers.

Or, you can e-mail me for questions or comments.

I want to use one or more images.

Published or non-published educational purposes (e.g. an essay, presentation, thesis, report, collage, or diorama)

You absolutely may use my images in your school project as long as you provide a proper citation. Here is an APA citation you may use:

Cheney, S. (2018). ARTICLE TITLE HERE. Retrieved July 23, 2018, from https://PERMALINK.GOES.HERE/

And MLA:

Cheney, Scott. ARTICLE TITLE HERE. Badger Photo. 2018. Web. 23 Jul 2018. <https://PERMALINK.GOES.HERE/>.

Be sure to fill in the correct article title and permalink from that page. You may replace the lone 2018 with the article's full date.

Not-for-profit online compilation, video, or blog

Feel free! Please give me credit and, if convenient, a link to this site as well. Each image has a permalink, so I recommend using the relevant link if using a single image.

Inclusion in an article driven mostly by advertising revenue (e.g. top 10 lists or YouTube videos with advertisements)

Please contact for licensing. I'll likely say yes as long as a link to this site is provided.

Inclusion within a paid product (e.g. a magazine or book), advertisement, or corporate website

Please contact for pricing and licensing.

I want to hire you for a photo shoot.

Please contact me. Transportation must be provided if outside of the Las Vegas area in Nevada, United States.